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  • Great solution for outdoor events and promotions
    Elevate your message above the crowd with crisp, taut canopies that are visible from a distance. Made from durable components to withstand all weather conditions, makes this aluminium tent suitable for outdoor use. Thanks to the strong aluminium frame, this tent is durable and weather-resistant. A great solution for outdoor events. Whether rain is predicted, your event is always safe and dry with the Tent Alu.

    Strong lightweight portable aluminium tent

    A strong outdoor alumunium tent with a 40 mm hex frame. Thanks to the 40 mm aluminium tubes, your tent has a lower weight. Move easily around with your portable aluminium tent from event to event. Set up in a few minutes and transport your aluminium tent easily with a transport bag with wheels for comfortable movement. A wheeled bag for the entire tent sets is included. An ideal solution for day outdoor events.

    Easy to build up
    Set up in just a few minutes. Remove the frame from the wheeled bag and place it in your desired location. An easy step-by-step installation manual with pictures is available for you. Keep your canopy on the tent frame when folding and packing it, for an easy build-up and breakdown for your next event.

    Patented easy glide tent feet
    Move your tent around in the grass without any worries of breaking your legs. Our Tent Alu has the patented easy glide tent feet, which whill help with opening up and closing the tent. This sliding feet will prevent legs to break when moving around. Move your tent around during the event.

    Suitable for all weather conditions
    From sunny days, to rain and cold winters, our tents are suitable for all weather conditions. The plastic parts in our tents are made of 100 % new Nylon and because of this high quality Nylon, our tents will also work very well in cold conditions. All seams in the canopies are sealed to prevent water leaking through, which makes the Tent Alu waterproof.

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