Table Cover Royal Ultrafit Curve

Termék kód:

A termék műszaki leírása Table Cover Royal Ultrafit Curve

Műszaki adatok
Verzió Egyoldalú
Szélesség (mm) 3250 | 3880
Magasság (mm) 2200
Fényerősség (lx) 0
Hossz (mm) 1
Térfogata (l) 0
Csomagolási egység szélessége (mm) 338
Csomagolási egység magassága (mm) 107
Csomagolási egység hossza (mm) 354
Csomagolási egység 1
Paletta darabszám 133
Nettó súly (kg) 1,22 | 1,45
Teljes tömeg (kg) 1,42 | 1,65
Garancia (h) 12
  • Tight and form-fitting
    A tight and form-fitting table cover, an attractive option for promoting your brand. It stretches to fit tightly around tables, creating a crisp, refined appearance.

    Wrinkle-free double-stretch fabric
    A smooth light knitted fabric, with double strech features. This material 'circular knit' is also known as 'double-stretch', and is mostly used for stretched and fitted table covers. Give a tight and premium look to your table throw with circular knit.
    Take your Table Cover Royal Ultrafit Curve from event to event and set it up wrinkle-free. Ideal to use at events and exhibitions.

    Open-back design

    Thanks to the open-back design, you have easy access to your storage under the table and legroom to sit comfortable with your legs under the table.

    Choose your printing method

    All our table throws are printed dye sublimation paper transfer, leading to high quality photographic results. An appealing visual, a superior look and no fear for cracks and damages in your graphic. Choose the right printing option that suits your occasion.

    Graphic Imprint - Front Only
    Show your logo at the front, top or a side of the table throw. Your table cover is printed with a single colour background, and with logo or branding. Use print templates to see designated logo areas.

    Dye Sublimation - Full Bleed
    Design your table cover with any background colour, gradient or pattern to attract attention with your table cover. Use the full print area and position your logos or photo images on any desired position. There are no limits for colours or art placing.

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