Hand Sanitiser Stand Classic Manual

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  • Desinfection holder with snapframe on top
    A classic aluminium construction Hand Sanitiser unit with an A4 snapframe on top. Change your poster fast for a new message, without taking the frame from the sanitiser holder. Just insert your poster and snap the frame shut again. A classic design aluminium construction.

    Manual soap dispenser unit adjustable in height

    Just press the soap dispenser and you can clean your hands with handgel. Adjust the soap dispenser unit to the right height. A white coloured manual soap dispenser united, with a 1l content, shaped in a nice Italian design. A steel powder coated drip tray is included on the soap dispenser plate fixing.

    Great stability
    An aluminium construction pole, supported by a heavy steel plate for great stability. A very stable robust sanitiser stand suitable for indoor use.

    *Handgel is not included. The hand sanitiser can be filled with any type of handgel.

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