Hand Sanitiser Fabric Stand With Dispenser

Termék kód: HSATFR50F380x1400

A termék műszaki leírása Hand Sanitiser Fabric Stand With Dispenser

Műszaki adatok
Verzió Kétoldalú
Szélesség (mm) 400
Magasság (mm) 1410
Hossz (mm) 360
Csomagolási egység szélessége (mm) 430
Csomagolási egység magassága (mm) 135
Csomagolási egység hossza (mm) 1485
Csomagolási egység 1
Paletta darabszám 13
Nettó súly (kg) 9,4
Teljes tömeg (kg) 11,2
Garancia (h) 12
Elektromos áram Igen
  • Luxurious Hand Sanitiser with Silicone Edge Graphics
    Attract attention to your hand sanitiser and to your brand at the same time. The luxurious Hand Sanitiser Fabric Frame Stand with an automatic dispenser is a luxurious aluminium construction suitable for tensioned fabric prints with silicone edging, making sure your graphic is always nice and tight. A frameless appearance, that will give a full focus to the automatic soap dispenser and your fabric print. An automatic dispenser with a 0,5 l content in white colour. A luxurious sanitiser with your own logo or promotion. Ideal to use in hotels, restaurants or at shopping malls.

    Change your Silicone Edge Graphics for your new promotion

    Change your Silicone Edge Graphic for your new message or promotion. Unscrew the dispenser easily from the frame, change your graphic and put the dispenser back again. No need to order a new system, just order a separate graphic.

    Individual branding

    Make sure no one will miss out your sanitiser and your logo. Have your own print and logo on the Hand Sanitiser Fabric Frame Stand with Dispenser and attract attention to the hand sanitiser and your promotions. A large graphic area to accommodate your branding; next to the soap dispenser, under it or on top of it, your logo will be clearly visible from a wide distance.

    *Handgel is not included. Automatic dispensers can only be used with soap or gel sanitiser.

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