Flex Wall Medium

Termék kód: FLW-M

A termék műszaki leírása Flex Wall Medium

Műszaki adatok
Összeszerelt termék
Összeszerelt termék súlya (kg) 5
Összeszerelt termék szélessége (mm) 2500
Összeszerelt termék mélysége (mm) 440
Összeszerelt termék magassága (mm) 2500
Csomagolási egység Darab
Súly (kg) 5,8
Szélesség (mm) 115
Hossz (mm) 1370
Magasság (mm) 115
Csomagolási egység Raklap
Darabszám 60
Súly (kg) 372
Verzió Egyoldalú
Garancia (h) 12
  • How flexible is your wall?

    Give your walls some life with the Flex Wall. The Flex Wall has telescopic poles which are adjustable in height and width. Perfect to reuse at every exhibition stand, even though the stand may vary in size. Easy to readjust to match the size of your room, conference hall, restaurant or showroom. The tubes of the Flex wall L-size are a bit thicker, in order to create an extra wide size. We can print multiple sizes graphics, so you will find a fit for every occasion. Contact your sales person for more information about the different sizes.

    Height and weight won’t be an issue

    The telescopic poles are made of lightweight aluminium, but still feel very sturdy. Due to the lightweight frame you can move the Flex wall easily around from one end of the room to the other end. Or carry it in that carry-on bag to the next location. Since the frame is lightweight, you can build up the wall in no time. Aren’t you the tallest person in the room? No problem. The telescopic poles make it easy for you to change the graphics!

    Timeless look

    The matt black finish gives it a modern and luxurious touch, for an affordable price. The timeless design is a perfect addition for every occasion; use it as a backwall during exhibitions and conferences or show your promotions and offers on it. The locks of the Flex Wall L-size are extra strong with a turnable button on the outside of the tube.

    Available with graphic
    The Flex Wall can be purchased complete including the graphic. There are 2 graphic options. Both B1 certificated and 100% PES. The Poplin material is the more budget friendly solution you can slightly see through. The Soft Knit is a bit more expensive material, but will not let any light go through. This solution is recommended for placement in rooms with a lot of light.

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