Textile Frame Graphic Samba (SEG) 195g/m2 Sublimation Print 100 x 200 cm

Termék kód: STFR1000x2000SAM

A termék műszaki leírása Textile Frame Graphic Samba (SEG) 195g/m2 Sublimation Print 100 x 200 cm

Műszaki adatok
Nyomtatási anyag szélessége 2600
Összeszerelt termék
Összeszerelt termék súlya (kg) 0,7059
Összeszerelt termék szélessége (mm) 1000
Összeszerelt termék mélysége (mm) 3
Összeszerelt termék magassága (mm) 2000
Csomagolási egység Darab
Súly (kg) 0,7259
Szélesség (mm) 150
Hossz (mm) 1100
Magasság (mm) 150
Verzió Egyoldalú
Garancia (h) 12
Terméktanúsítványok DIN4102 - B1
Látható méret (mm) 1000 x 2000 mm
  • Textile Frame Graphic Samba 195 g/m2
    The Textile Frame Graphic is 100% Polyester (PES) woven fabric material of 195 g/m2, with light diffusion coating. The Samba material is B1 fire rated, which makes it an ideal and safe material to use at exhibitions and events. Premium high quality print material and perfect to use for illuminated displays systems.

    Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG)
    The Textile Frame Graphic Samba is finished with a silicone strip edge sewn around the edges, which makes it easy for you to insert the graphic into the Textile Frame extrusions. Samba 195 g/m2 is a high-quality printing material, European highest quality standard for Silicone Edge Graphic products. Create a stunning visual impact with a nice, tight graphic and a frameless appearance, with the tensioned fabric prints with silicone edging.

    Suitable for Illuminated Textile Frames
    The Textile Frame Graphic Samba is suitable for all Textile Frames types and sizes. Thanks to the woven fabric with light diffusion coating, it is perfect printing material for illuminated Textile Frames. Create a premium high quality backlit Textile Frame with the Samba 195 g/m2.

    Dye Sublimation Transfer Printing Method

    The Textile Frame Graphic Samba 195 g/m2 is printed dye sublimation transfer print. Mirror image of the art is first printed on a special transfer paper and heat transferred from the paper onto the fabric by using a heat press. This makes the ink changes from solid to gas and that sublimates into the polyester fibers. Dye sublimation is leading to high-quality photographic results and is also very resistant. An appealing visual, a superior look and no fear for cracks or damages in your graphic.

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