Textile Frame Freestanding Model 100 x 200 cm

Termék kód: TFR75F100x200

A termék műszaki leírása Textile Frame Freestanding Model 100 x 200 cm

Műszaki adatok
Összeszerelt termék
Összeszerelt termék súlya (kg) 8,9
Összeszerelt termék szélessége (mm) 1000
Összeszerelt termék mélysége (mm) 490
Összeszerelt termék magassága (mm) 2010
Csomagolási egység Darab
Súly (kg) 9,4
Szélesség (mm) 110
Hossz (mm) 2140
Magasság (mm) 95
Csomagolási egység Raklap
Darabszám 96
Verzió Kétoldalú
Garancia (h) 12
  • Freestanding Tension frame with Silicone Edge Graphics
    A Freestanding Textile Frame model to attract attention to your fabric advertisement. Available in sizes 75 mm and 120 mm.

    Choose with or without LED
    The Textile Frame 75 mm freestanding model is a perfect solution for double-sided non-illuminated Textile Frame presenations. A strong profile construction, with a slim look. The Textile Frame 120 mm freestanding model is very universal. Thanks to the stable profile, it is suitable for all Textile Frame presenations. Let your double-sided advertisement shine bright with the LED illuminated version and double your exposure. The 120 mm size allows large structues and can be used for structures in sizes 3 x 3 meters. Great stability, thanks to the easy to mount steel feet with powdercoated RAL9006. A perfect freestanding Textile Frame model to attract attention to your tensioned fabric advertisement.

    Easy to change your message

    Change your tensioned fabric print easily for the next advertisement or promotion, without any tools or need to move the Textile Frame Freestanding Model.

    Available in any size you request
    Online you can purchase our standard sizes A0, A1 and 200 x 100 cm. Interested in another size for your fabric print? Contact your sales person for more information.

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