Suspended Protective Divider A1

Termék kód: DIVPCHA1HOR

A termék műszaki leírása Suspended Protective Divider A1

Műszaki adatok
Verzió Egyoldalú
Szélesség (mm) 846
Magasság (mm) 662
Hossz (mm) 15
Csomagolási egység szélessége (mm) 750
Csomagolási egység magassága (mm) 38
Csomagolási egység hossza (mm) 1106
Csomagolási egység 1
Paletta darabszám 50
Nettó súly (kg) 1,25
Teljes tömeg (kg) 1,65
Garancia (h) 24
  • Suspended protective wall
    Suspended from the ceiling with a durable polycarbobnate foil snapped in the banner profile. Delivered with a hanging set and ready to use. Hang the Suspended Protective Wall on the ceiling and reduce the amount of physical contact between employees and customers. A suspended, protective and effective solution. Ideal to use in offices, shopping malls or in supermarkets.

    Affordable solution
    Thanks to the very simple construction, the Suspended Protective Divider is an affordable solution to reduce the physical contact. Lightweight but rigid an stable. An economic solution of a protection barrier.

    Simple and efficient
    A simple construction, but a very efficient protective wall. A 25 mm silver aluminium profile with weather resistant foil snapped in the top and bottom and hanging on the ceiling with a
    HSKR hanging set. Just hang the protective wall on the ceiling and you can provide your services in a safe way.

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Raktáron 53 db. A szállítás 25.08.
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